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Photo Credits: Microsoft HoloLens 2 Demo – Mobile World Congress 2019

HoloLens is an excellent tool in many sectors. It is an incredible asset in your organization for increased productivity bringing many new capabilities to the table other than the traditional PC. HoloLens can offer students better ways to learn in a more interactive and fun way where it can improve testing results with less study time.

With mixed reality, educators can simplify complex disciplines such as anatomy, molecular chemistry, architectural design and more by enabling students to better understand core concepts through spatial visualization.

This is impressive and important for the future of a student. Give them different learning platforms suited and possibly tailored for their various needs! It is essential to treat HoloLens the same way you treat Windows – make sure that it is managed and secure where users get easy access to apps, files, and other resources from their traditional workspace, e.g., PC. Spirhed has years of knowledge in operating, managing, and security space of endpoints such as PC devices, and HoloLens is no different. We can help your faculty provision and enroll them securely into the existing environment by applying security controls and policies, including compliance, to ensure that students and faculty members can work efficiently and securely.

The question you must answer is:

How will the device be used?

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Who will be using the device?

What type of data will be consumed?

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We will help you with

Create business-case and how to utilize HoloLens in your organization

Logistics and order support (together with your preferred reseller)

Enrollment and provisioning

Deployment of Apps, security controls, access management, and other policies

Operation and Compliance

Life-cycle management and break-fix scenarios

With our concepts, Worker 360 for Education and Spirhed Operational Framework, we have a standardized method for both implementing and operating endpoints based on Microsoft 365 and Azure Technology to help you maintain these devices in your environment.

Spirhed Operation Framework (SOF)

is a framework for your cloud, adjusted to your needs. Based on the latest market and IT principles and baselines SOF will make sure that you have a platform to cover your needs.

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