Spirhed Operations Framework (SOF).

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Our mission is to be a catalyst to optimize IT Operations – empowering security and productivity for your business.

What is SOF?

The cloud journey can seem complicated and challenging. There are endless opportunities and many opinions on the best approach to make Microsoft Azure “Service-ready” for your business. That’s why we at Spirhed have taken Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework – based on Microsoft best practices – and simplified it to make the cloud transition easier in your organization. We consider your specific needs based on business goals, processes, culture, and people.

Spirhed Operations Framework (SOF) is a framework to help you on your journey to Microsoft Azure, whether it is cloud-only or hybrid. SOF is built on industry standards and best practices for designing, implementing, and operating Microsoft Azure in an existing or new environment – safe and secure.

While Microsoft Azure is a platform ready to be used, where you can easily create new workloads and services, there are still things that need to be considered for Azure to function optimally in your IT environment to avoid unwanted costs, risks, and security breaches.

Spirhed focuses on core principles when implementing any technology in any organization – being “Agile” and “Resilient”. We strongly believe in these two principles when helping IT with its operating environment; implementing Microsoft Azure is no exception.

Agile: Make sure that the IT environment operates under circumstances where they can handle any load the business or organization requires and where IT can scale accordingly and adjust quickly to new demands.

Resilient: Harden the IT environment from the core, which is the data located centrally in a data center, and out to the endpoints and identities. The environment needs to be tough enough to withstand the never-ending threat of attackers and, simultaneously, be buoyant so that when systems are down, they bounce back up with little effort.

Spirhed Operation Framework (SOF) components

Spirhed Operations Framework is based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Well-Architected Framework (WAF) and has these primary components. But its not limited to. 

Azure Policies:

For desired state configuration and baselining, ensuring that Azure services comply with your requirements.

Azure Management:

Designing and implementing standards like tags and naming conventions for your resources in Azure, networks, VMs, storage, and other services.


Creating routines and automation around repetitive tasks and standardizing the deployment of resources. Included code library and GitHub integrations.

Access Management (RBAC):

Building Privileged Access routines built on Zero-Trust principles like explicit verification, a least privileged access model including secure access workstation (SAW) and a design with the assumption that every element of your system can be breached.

Monitoring and Alerts:

Implementing logging and auditing, including reports for oversight over the entire cloud infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery:

Designing and implementing backup/recovery routines and aligning them with new or existing disaster recovery plans.

Cost Management:

Creating budgets and alerts with automation ensures that no cost runs wild in your Azure Datacenter.


Building a documentation repository for the future, including design and decisions throughout the implementation. Based on either Microsoft DevOps, GitHub, or Spotify Backstage.

Deciding on the right mix of hardware and features

At Spirhed we have many years of experience helping clients define their requirements for building a plan for a hybrid infrastructure solution across different shapes of industries. We help you make the right choice, to design and build based on your organization’s needs.

During the assessment phase it’s very critical to take the right choices and plan accordingly.

We at Spirhed work with best practices as our number one rule. Designing and building a high available and flexible HCI solution with Azure Services running on-premises and in the cloud. Taking the advantage of the Hybrid offerings of Azure. We follow best practice guidelines when assessing and designing your solution.

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