Elevate Your IT Operations with Spirhed & Lenovo

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions from Lenovo, powered by our strategic partnership with Spirhed.

Why Choose Spirhed and Lenovo? 

  • Proven framework. With years of infrastructure and security experience, we developed our Spirhed Operations Framework (SOF) to help clients establish secure and resilient data centers.
  • Expertise. The Spirhed team consists of Microsoft MVPs specializing in data center, mobility and security.
  • Trusted Lenovo Partner. Spirhed is a certified Gold Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Partner.
  • Scalable and customizable solutions. Lenovo’s ThinkAgile and ThinkSystem offer options that can be scaled and customized for Azure Stack HCI.
  • Extensive support. Lenovo offers a worldwide network of data centers that can provide local support and assistance.
  • Secure technology. Lenovo is the only data center provider with end-to-end manufacturing. It owns its entire supply chain for everything it builds to deliver optimum security and seamlessness.
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We can help you with...


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  • ThinkAgile MX: A collaborative solution by Lenovo and Microsoft, offering uncompromised performance and reliability.

Azure Stack HCI 

  • Cloud-inspired HCI software stack for a more efficient, cost-effective, and agile data center.
  • Easy integration and management of IT infrastructure with Lenovo’s solutions.


  • Our framework is based on industry standards and best practices for ensuring data centers are safe.
  • Lenovo owns its supply chain for data centers, offering secure and seamless technology. 

IoT Edge Computing 

  • Process data at its source for unmatched speed and security.
  • Lenovo’s IoT solutions minimize data travel, enhancing efficiency.

Let's Transform Together! 

Transform and modernize your data center with Spirhed and Lenovo. Our experience and expertise in servers and data centers are at your service.

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