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Jan-Tore Pedersen

MVP Managing Consultant and Partner at Spirhed | Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP



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Storage Spaces Direct Rolling Cluster Upgrade to Windows Server 2019

I have been quite on the blog front for a while as when we got home from summer holiday in early August we had lots of water in the 2nd floor bathroom floor which had run down a crack in the floor into the living room underneath. So I have spent almost every free hour

Storage Issues when rebooting a S2D node after may patches

Lately we have seen alot of Event ID 5120 with a status code of STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT or STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED during rebooting a node. Here is a statement from Microsoft about the issue and what to do when rebooting a node.

What’s new in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 1807

So VMM 1807 was just released yesterday and there is not a lot of new features in this version, as I think the VMM team is focusing on support for RS5(2019) and new features for it. In this version it’s an upgrade from 1801 to 1807. So to install 1807 you will need to have

Backing up your DPM2016 Server with a 2nd DPM server

So you have a DPM server and are thinking, it could be nice to have a offsite backup of my backups. There are 2 ways to go. You can enable the DPM Azure Cloud backup. Wich is a nice feature. But it’s more for having a longer retention of your backup. And you will need

Best practice planning a Storage Spaces Direct Cluster 2-16 nodes Part 1

Hi everyone, I am back with another Storage Spaces Direct post. This time I would like to talk to you about planning S2D clusters from 2 node to a 16 node cluster. What you need to think about when doing your planning. This will be a multi part series covering 4 nodes, adding additional nodes.

Backup problems with Backup Exec and CSV ReFS volumes

So i have been working on this case for about 4 weeks. Where a client have been having issues with CSV’s becoming unhealthy and Cache drives going into Lost Communication during backup. We have a MS Support case but as the client do not have Premier Support it’s taking a while to get trough 1st

Patching Storage Spaces Direct

Hello Everyone I have been starting over and over on this blog post since nov 2017 wich coinsided with me chaning jobs, wich i again just did in april of 2018 to work soly with S2D, VMM, Azure Stak and other datacenter products. So i thought it was time to get this done.

Build Your own DIY home lab Part 2: The “Server Room”

So a while ago i started on a blog post series i had hoped to be able to update with you on a regular basis. That did not happen as the new job was quite hectic and i was not able to get the funding i needed for the new S2D lab. So i ended

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