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Marius A. Skovli

Co-founder, Partner & Principal Consultant, Spirhed | MVP Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft | Identity & Endpoint - Security & Management - Zero Trust




Works of Marius A. Skovli

What is the risk of not being connected?

In my nearly two decades of navigating the complex world of technology across various sectors—finance, offshore, governmental, energy, retail, manufacturing, and education—I’ve recently pondered the question: What is the risk of not being connected? Each project I’ve contributed to, though based on Microsoft platforms and solutions, presented its unique DNA, with some posing exceptionally intricate

Identity Governance: Part 1 – Overview

Identity Governance is, for many, a grey cloud of uncertainty and misconception where businesses do not understand what it implies, why it is essential, and where to begin. And no wonder. There are today so many different requirements for a company to get a decent cyber defense to stay secure where they can protect their

Improving the health of IT operations to deliver exceptional membership services

Facing the need for a robust IT infrastructure to support Norway’s medical professionals, the Norwegian Medical Association turned to the expertise of Spirhed and the reliability of the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX platform. This collaboration resulted in a remarkable upgrade of IT operations, streamlining services to deliver first-rate support to its members. Dive into our case study to uncover the strategic approach that led to enhanced system performance and member satisfaction.

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