Azure Stack HCI PhysicalDisks won’t go out of storage maintenance mode

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Hey everyone, have abit of a strange one this time. About 2 months ago i was patching my Azure Stack HCI test cluster with the July patches and using Cluster Aware Updating via WAC. It went trough fine and the vm’s was up and all good. Nothing indicating any issues.

Then i went into WAC and i have degraded status, and i had an issue with some of my physical disks on 1 node. In powershell running get-physicaldisk it was showing this.


The disks where stuck in Stopping Maintenance Mode.

I tried a few things like disabling and enabling storage maintenance mode. But it did not work.


But it would fail with the error Invoke-CimMethod : Currently unsafe to perform the operation

Also tried Repair-ClusterS2D -DisableStorageMaintenancemode


But it would throw the error Failed to disable storage maintenance mode on scale unit: UniqueId=\'{cf21cd66-adc1-43c6-bca5-bb3f3052df6d}\’

As this is a Azure Stack HCI cluster i decided to reach out to support and opened a ticket via the Azure Portal. Within 1 hour i had a engineer on the case and we collected alot of logs, did some debuging and tried to stop maintenance mode. But that did not help.

We also tried rebooting the host with the disks that was stuck in maintenance mode but no luck

We tried resetting the disks, trying to unbind the disks from S2D and all of that. In the end nothing was working so we did a ttracer debug logging on the SMPHOST process. This did not solve anything.

A week after this we had a power outage and my UPS won\’t hold the servers alive for more then 30 minutes so i had to turn them off. After booting them up again the disks where out of storage maintenance and all was good.


The theory is that some metadata was stored on the other node in the cluster that had not been booted. But still had it’s physicaldisks ok. So if you encounter this issue. If you have data and vm’s stop vm’s and reboot the other node if it’s a 2 node. If that does not work. Stop the cluster and shutdown all nodes, and reboot them at the same time. That sounds like it cleared up something that was stuck.


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