Built-in Firewall rule issues

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Hello everyone, a quick and short blog post here. As most of you know for services built in to the windows server os there are default firewall rules that get’s enabled if you install the role or feature and you configure it.

Like Radius, Hyper-V Replica, and so on. In the last few weeks i have had issues with Radius and Hyper-V replica firewall ports not working even tho the default rules where enabled.

I was working my way trough the troubleshooting and even installed Wireshark to see if the packets where comming trough and so they where. But where beeing dropped at the firewall. The rules where enabled and allowed the traffic in. A reboot did not solve the issue so i was confused. So i decided to add a new rule with the same settings just allowing the ports on tcp or udp. No limiting it to the service. And lo and behold it started working.

I have not found any other posts talking about this, but i have now replicated this over 4 different installations at 4 different clients. And it works fine on 2016, but not 2019. I have done this a few times over the past 2 years with 2019 and have not had this issue before. But if you encounter a connection issue and the default rule allows the connection. Create a new rule and see if it works.

That’s my 2 cent’s for today, hopefully it will help someone with the same issue one day.

reference: https://jtpedersen.com/2020/12/built-in-firewall-rule-issues/

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