Celebrating Excellence: Jan-Tore and Marius Achieve Microsoft MVP Status!

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We at Spirhed are thrilled to announce that two of our distinguished team members, Jan-Tore and Marius, have been recognized by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) for the year 2023-2024! This prestigious award is a testament to their exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication to the tech community.

Microsoft MVP: Cloud and Datacenter Management

Jan-Tore: A Maestro in Azure Solutions

Jan-Tore has been named an Azure MVP, an acknowledgment of his mastery and innovation in cloud services and solutions. His work in Azure has not only driven our company’s success but also contributed significantly to the Azure community through knowledge sharing and mentorship.

Microsoft MVP: Cloud and Datacenter Management

Microsoft MVP: Enterprise Mobility

Marius: An Authority on Enterprise Mobility

Marius has been awarded the MVP for Enterprise Mobility. His dedication to enhancing enterprise security and mobility management stands out as a benchmark for industry best practices. His contributions have helped shape a more secure and mobile-first approach in the enterprise tech sphere.

Microsoft MVP: Enterprise Mobility

Stay tuned to our news feed for insights and updates from Jan-Tore and Marius as they continue to lead and innovate.

What´s an MVP?
Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are technology experts who have been recognized by Microsoft for their deep commitment to sharing high-quality, real-world expertise and their community contributions. MVPs are a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds and professions including developers, IT professionals, and tech enthusiasts, who actively share their knowledge and experience with the wider community. They write articles, blogs, books, and online content; they speak at conferences, webinars, and user group meetings; and they answer questions on forums and social media.

Their contributions help others maximize the potential of their Microsoft technology and tools. In return, Microsoft provides MVPs with early access to software, invitations to exclusive events, and direct communication channels with product teams. The MVP Award is both an acknowledgment of exceptional community contributions and a way for Microsoft to foster a vibrant ecosystem where information is freely exchanged.

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