DPM 2016 Backup failes when creating a new backup of virtual machine with generic error

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A week ago i got an email that one of our Virtual Machines latest backup had failed and was in an inconsistent state.

So  tried to do a synchronization but that did not help. Then i tried removing the backup and adding it again. Now it would say it was ok, but it had only backed up 79MB. So i did a new synchronization and it failed with a Replica is Inconsistent and the error msg in the logs where

WARNING          BackupMachine : FAILURE – BACKUP, errorCode=RmGenericError
FATAL   Task stopped (state=Failed, result=RmGenericError; -2147217372; WindowsHResult), search “Task Diagnostic Information”

I contacted Microsoft support and they had me do a few steps.

  • Go to Settings on the VM  in Hyper-V Manager, then at Integration Components uncheck the Backup (Volume checkpoint) and then try to make a checkpoint with Hyper-V (right click->checkpoint)
  • If it works, delete the Checkpoint and then re-check the option Backup(Volume checkpoint)
  • Again do a checkpoint with Hyper-V. If it succeeds modify the Protection Group holding the VM
  • Remove the VM from the Protection Group, delete all files related to it
  • Modify the Protection Group and click on refresh on the cluster to get the latest info on the VM. Then re add it to the protection and configure the backup.

For me this worked perfectly. I suspect there is some issue with the new Checkpoint configuration and DPM 2016 as this was no issue on the 2012 R2 DPM.

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