MVP award and speaking at Experts Live Europe in Prague

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Last week i was honored to receive the MVP award for Cloud and Datacenter for 2020/2021.

MVP Award

This has been a goal of mine for this year and i am so thrilled that came trough. As this all so new to me i am so looking forward to seeing what this will benefit me and you. My primary goal is to be able to give even more back to the community with better knowledge of new things that are released.

One of the main benefits i am so looking forward to is the MVP Global summit.

Id like to thank all the MVP’s that has been rooting for me over the past year or so, and others. And esp to Tina Stenderup-Larsen, our MVP lead in the Nordics who encouraged me to go on even with a rejection and a new nomination.

The road to becoming an MVP can be pretty long a feel like oh why did i start this. But the good news is, the reward has changed. The bad news only and MVP or MS FTE can now recommend someone. The good news is, you don’t hafto wait a year or 2 to get your nomination accepted or rejected. Within 90 days of filling out your nomination form you will be informed of the decision.

So if you wan’t to be an MVP my 2 cent’s is keep up the work, blog, speak, arrange user groups, get involved the program managers and give feedback. There is so much you can do.

Experts Live

Back in September i was accepted as a speaker at Experts Live Europe in Prague the week of November 20th to 22. I will hold 2 sessions.

19 Months on Managing Windows Servers with Windows Admin Center
Understanding what Azure Stack HCI is and how it fits in your Datacenter

This will be my first time speaking at Experts Live Europe, i have had the pleasure for the last 2 years to speak about Windows Admin Center at Experts Live Netherlands, which is an awesome 1 day conference. But i am looking forward to holding these 2 sessions. Meet with all the participants and my fellow speakers and organizers.

So if you have not gotten a ticket might i suggest you get one


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