Storage Spaces Direct Monitoring with Dataon Must

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Hi everyone

Last week Dataon officially released there monitoring system for there S2D offering. Dataon Must, it is at the time the only S2D monitoring software out there. There is management packs you can add to SCOM to get alerts and stuff in there. There is also one made for MOMS. Take a look at Stanislavs post about it here. Other then that there is nothing else.

This post will be all about the pictures and not so much about the writing ūüôā

Dataon Must is only available with Dataon S2D hardware. As of what i know, it will not be available with non Dataon S2D clusters. When you get this solution it’s delivered as a finished setup. You get a vhdx file to import as a virtual machine. Import it, give it 4gb of ram and min 2 cpu and you are good to go. It’s a Win 2016 server and running a IIS website. Setting it up is quite simple and is done in minutes.

So let’s get to the important stuff how it looks and feels

Once you get in you will need to setup a few things, add 1 of the cluster nodes, and add some credentials. Then add the license for each node to monitor them. You can setup email alerts for when there are any alerts. And poll data with snmp.


Now as we move over to the main Overview page you will see a very beautiful dashboard. Giving you all the info you need on the first page, and quite easy to navigate.

  • A nice picture of your type of server
  • What OS your are running
  • How many nodes
  • What type of disks you have and how many
  • How many Virtual Disks
  • Resource Monitor
  • Volume Usage
  • IOPS
  • Throughput
  • Latency
  • Alerts

When you click on the 3 right top pictures you get directed right in to Pools, Volumes and Nodes. At the top there is an alert icon that will show an alert, if there is an issue.
And you can go directly in there to the alerts page.



A quick overview of the Alerts page. As this is a pretty new cluster there is no alerts of any kind, but i am guessing there will be something the first time i do windows patching on the cluster. The overview looks rely good, and i will update this post with how it looks once there is some kind of alert in here.


Now let’s have a look at the Cluster overviews and let’s start with the pool. This will show you all your pools, and the physical drives in each pool. It will show you the operational status and the health status of the pool and each physical drive. You can sort, but that’s about it for this view.


The next part is the volume overview. This will give you a bit more info about each volume. It has a good overview of

  • Size
  • Throughput
  • Latency
  • Layout(Parity)
  • Columns
  • Efficiency
  • Used
  • Time To Full
  • Owner

And will do so with some nice graphs and a table overview. Now the only thing i am missing in this is the ability to track the graphs.


The next part is the Node overview of the Cluster. This part gives you a bit more info about the server. By clicking on each of the drives that has a SSD or HDD inserted you will light up the UID on the disk and you will also see information about the drive. You will also be able to see the NVME drives that are on the back side of the enclosure. But it does not give you info about the OS drives on the right side.



After using Dataon Must for a few days i rely do like it. There are things that i feel are missing, but i have been told to report things i miss and they will do alot of development on Must. One of the critical things for me is, that you can’t add a 2nd cluster to this Must. You will for now need a 2nd Must server.¬†But from my experience now with Must i must say that i would recommend for anyone to buy Dataon S2D servers just to be able to get Must to monitor your S2D servers. The price on the servers are rely good. Im not going in to detail, but similar setup with HP was about 2.5-3 times as much with good discount.

So if you are looking for a S2D cluster and want monitoring as well. Go with Dataon, when it comes to price, quality and ingenuity for S2D. The monitoring alone is worth the try.

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