How to replace a NVME Caching device on a Storage Spaces Direct Cluster

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After my initial failure of replacing a NVME Caching card and hitting a bug in the 2016 version i was on, i replaced another one today. As we where starting our cluster out with Intel 750 drives, and these NVME PCIe cards only have 70gb of write’s pr day. So i decided to replace them with the Intel DC P3600. The first failed as can be seen here.

Step 1

Drain the node and Pause it, then shut it down

Step 2

Replace the NVME Card and boot it back up

Step 3

Open PowerShell and type to see the new NVME card.

Get-PhysicalDisk -CanPool $true


Now let’s set the old NVME card in Status retired.

Get-PhysicalDisk -Usage Journal -HealthStatus Warning | Set-PhysicalDisk -Usage Retired

This will retire the disk run

Get-PhysicalDisk -Usage Retired


Now let’s add the new NVME disk

Add-PhysicalDisk -PhysicalDisks (Get-PhysicalDisk -CanPool $True) -StoragePoolFriendlyName (Important to set full name here)


Now let’s set the disk as Journal drive and see how it looks after. S2D might even do this automaticaly

Set-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName "INTEL SSDPEDME400G4" -Usage Journal
Get-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName Intel*


Now run this command

Repair-ClusterS2D -RecoverUnboundDrives -Node (Name of node)

Now it’s added and you can resume the node. Then pause the node and resume it again and the disks will go out of maitenance mode.

$faileddisk = Get-PhysicalDisk -Usage Retired
Remove-PhysicalDisk -PhysicalDisks $faileddisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName "Use full name of storagepool"
Get-Physicaldisk -Usage Retired


If you run you will see that the retired disk is gone.



After you enable the node again the storage rebuild job will run. This needs to finish before you replace another drive. And you won’t be able to pause a node before it’s finished.


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