Day 1 update for Azure Stack HCI from Ignite

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Hey everyone, there has been a few announcements toady at Ignite for Azure Stack HCI

There are some relay big ones.

Stretch Cluster Support for Azure Stack HCI in Windows Server vNext

The first one is that Stretch Cluster will be available in vNext, i am guessing this will be Windows Server 2021. We will know more next year.

This will be a fully automated system, that will detect that the nodes are in diffrent subnets. It will create 2 pools. And handle failover automaticly for Storage Replica, bring volumes online, reverse SR and online VM. Once you fail the CSV back it will reverse SR and live migrate the VM to the other site.

Azure Stack HCI deployment from Windows Admin Center

Cosmos showcased deployment of a Azure Stack HCI cluster with Windows Admin Center. This is now available in the latest release 1910 version. This is a big step forward in a more stream lined simple deployment of Azure Stack HCI. This will use MS best practice to setup networking and so on.

Expect a better detailed blog post in the next week.



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